10 Doors: Door #8

We’re not a religious family, but we own a 185 year old church in a tiny Quebec town…

10 Doors: Door #7

Country Living, in an old brick manor, out in the corn fields of Vermont.

10 Doors: Door #6

The Infirmary A continuation of Door #5… The Sixth Door was painted bright red, a brass knocker at its heart. Swollen with the July heat, the heavy wood stuck a little in its frame, bearing scars from being forced opened—it required a firm but gentle hand to close. Our host, Beth, stood beside it onContinue reading “10 Doors: Door #6”

10 Doors: Door #4

There are some doors that lead you into places that you never want to leave…

10 Doors: Door #3

Door #3 in the series of places we stayed during our cross-country move from Oregon to Vermont.


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